Monday, September 15, 2008

Monthly Food Budget Update

Hey everyone, a few days ago I layed out the steps for creating your grocery list. I hope you found that it's really simple and try it out for your next grocery store trip. There is one tip that I forgot that I NEED to share.

Every month my boyfriend and I spend $100 each on groceries and toiletries combined. We take our lunch to work and school and eat at home every night. $200 per month may sound like a lot of money but think of it this way:
Eating out 3 times a day would be at least $12 per day. $12 multiplied by 31 is $372 per month on food for one person. Not only will you be spending a lot of money but you won't be able to control the ingredients in your food.

If you spend $100 for the month, divide that by 31 and you will be spending $3.23 per day to enjoy healthy and delicious meals with the potential of rolling over into the new month. 
A trick that we use is to take $200 in cash to the grocery store. We pay our bill which is usually $160 and then I keep the remaining $40 in an envelope to use during the month when we need something. Usually I will pick up eggs, milk, produce and deli meats mid month and that money being so accessible is really convenient. 

If we don't use all the money, we roll it over to the next month.

Happy Shopping!

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