Monday, September 22, 2008

I'll Take a #3 With a Diet Coke and Fries....

Don't get caught in a cycle of buying your lunch at work or at school. Bringing your lunch with you not only saves you money and keeps you healthier, it gives you a great satisfaction. 

Who doesn't like feeling thrifty?

What I usually do is make enough food for two-three meals each time I cook.

Tonight I made pasta with garlic, oil, shrimp and red peppers. In order to stretch all of the ingredients, I cooked the entire pound of pasta and put half in the fridge to have with sauce later on in the week. (2 meals)

I put the leftovers from our pasta w/shrimp in the fridge.   (1 meal)

I also made hashbrowns and put those in the fridge as a snack/breakfast for later on in the week. (1 snack)

Now i have 3 choices for lunch tomorrow.

So when you finally get around to making dinner....make it count!!

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